Myfab-Uppsala Investments

Uppsala University researchers in materials science are recurrently invited to make proposals for new investments to the Myfab-Uppsala infrastructure (former MSL). This is made possible by the “Materials Foundation” (Knut och Alice Wallenbergs och Uppsala universitets fond för materialvetenskaplig forskning), from which part of the revenue is used for this purpose. Under current conditions, the available investment funding is 3-4 MSEK/yr.

Proposals and Selection Procedure 2018

Investment proposals in response to the most recent invitation are listed below.

Type of equipment
(or other investment)



Est. cost


Maskless photolithography system

Rimantas Brucas
Eng. Sci. / FTF


3 500 000


Table top sputter

Tomas Nyberg


400 000


Digital optical microscope

Staffan Jacobson
Eng. Sci. / TMV


600 000


In-situ TEM heating / biasing holder

Lars Riekehr
Eng. Sci. / FTE


840 000


HAXPES w. two photon energies

Andreas Lindblad
Physics / MCM Ph.


15 000 000


Upgrade PE01: Si + metal etcher

Örjan Vallin


1 000 000


Upgrade: ellipsometer

Örjan Vallin


471 000


Upgrade AT18: energy filter for Titan TEM

Klaus Leifer
Eng. Sci. / TMV


9 800 000


Super-resolution optical microscope (prop. 2017)

Jöns Hilborn
Chemistry / Polymer


6 892 000

Next step in the evaluation of these proposals is to investigate the interest and support within the research community. Each division / program is requested to submit a support notice (stödanmälan), ranking the individual proposals, stating their expected usage and indicating their maximum level of financial contribution. This should be done on a dedicated form to be submitted before the end of the year (deadline 2018-12-31). All researchers and lab users with an interest in the final selection are encouraged to take an active part in this discussion within their division / program.

Action List:

  1. Contact proposer for more details about a specific proposal.
  2. Print and fill out the support notice (head of div. / pgm.).
  3. Submit support notice no later than 2018-12-31.

Proposers are also encouraged to contact and inform potential stakeholders at other divisions / programs.

Previously Granted Investments

Based on previous proposals, the MSL board has decided to proceed with procurement of the equipment listed below. The status for each item will continuously be reported at this site.

Granted investments



Upgrade of MSL sputter deposition systems


Procurement initiated

Vacuum transfer system for XPS/ESCA

Structural Chemistry
MCM Physics

Procurement ongoing

Software for segmentation, visualization of 3D images from CT, TEM tomography and synchrotron

Applied Mechanics
Applied Materials Science

To be ordered

Photoluminescence/Electroluminescence Quantum Yield instrument

Solid State Electronics
Physical Chemistry

Procurement ongoing

Focused Ion Beam (FIB) equipment

Inorganic Chemistry
Applied Materials Science
Solid State Electronics

Market survey

General Conditions and Procedure

Myfab-Uppsala is a shared and open research infrastructure for materials science within the Ångström Laboratory and it is also part of the national infrastructure Myfab. Proposals for new investments should conform to this condition, which means that tools intended for very specific projects or research areas will normally not qualify. Equipment of interest to a limited number of research groups should be partly funded, to at least 25 %, by the stakeholders involved. In addition to entirely new instruments, replacements, add-ons and upgrades to the existing infrastructure may be proposed. Several proposals may be submitted or supported by the same individual.

The overall procedure follows the approximate schedule indicated below:

  1. Submission of proposals – open to all. (deadline end of October)
  2. Presentation of proposals. (mid November)
  3. Submission of support notice – head of div. / pgm. (deadline end of December)
  4. Concluding negotiations. (January)
  5. Final investment decisions. (early February)
  6. Preparation of agreements. (February)
  7. Presentation of granted investments and start of procurement. (early March)

For further information, please contact / 471 3100.