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Elucidating the chemical secrets of the world record holder material Upsalite®

The project deals with a material which was discovered at Uppsala University and named Upsalite®. It is an amorphous form of magnesium carbonate, first reported in 2013 by Prof. Maria Strömme's group. It has received considerable international attention due to its very interesting properties, including having highest specific surface area of any alkali earth metal carbonate ever reported, high porosity and high water uptake, as well as narrow pore size distribution. Disruptive Materials AB is a spin-out company upscaling the production and commercializing Upsalite®. Customers come from various industries such as Climate control, Pharmaceutical formulations and Technical materials.

The Masters/degree project involves synthesizing Upsalite® under various conditions and analyzing the reactions and material properties. Reactants and by-products at various stages of the reaction path needs to be controlled and new recipes developed. Finally larger amounts of Upsalite (kg:s) will be produced by you at Disruptive Materials with the new optimized recipe(s).

You will be making new chemistry, use a wide range of analytical techniques including NMR, LC-MS, FT-IR, X-ray diffraction (XRD), electron microscopy and volumetric adsorption, etc. 

You will work in a stimulating environment and closely with the R&D team of Disruptive Materials AB ( as well as with researchers in the division of Nanotechnology and Functional Materials. ( ).

The project students should have an interest in all of the following areas - chemistry, chemical equilibriums and mechanisms, upscaling as well as in material properties - and have completed relevant undergraduate courses.

Interested students are urged to contact the project supervisor Dr. Tommi Remonen (CTO, Disruptive Materials) by e-mail ( for more information. Application should include a short C.V., transcript of records showing a list of completed courses and a short motivation letter.

The positions are open for application until filled.