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We strive to find new technical solutions that allows for sustainable energy production and better living conditions for people across the world.

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The Department of Engineering Sciences is an exciting place to work at with research in a broad technology related field, from basic research to large-scale applied research, and close contact with the students through the department's involvement in many engineering programmes. We are looking for talented and dedicated teachers, researchers and graduate students.
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Department of Engineering Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Engineering Sciences at Uppsala University. The department conducts research in a broad sense, aiming to lead the development of sustainable technology, energy supplies and life science technologies. Our objective is to understand and develop techniques that give mankind a better life. Our research encompasses both science and technology. Science helps us to understand how everything works and technology helps us to build solutions based on new knowledge.

The Department of Engineering Sciences conducts cutting edge research within several areas, demonstrated by a strong impact factor in scientific publications. Close collaboration with industry and other research institutions gives us the possibility of leading development within different areas of the research, such as sustainable technology, energy production and life sciences. Our excellent laboratory facilities within nano- and micro-structure technology allow us to convert our creativity to real technical solutions.


Quick facts

About 200 employees in total (excl. PhD students*)
among them 32 professors
0,35 billion in yearly turnover
approx. 3100 students
education within 14 engineering programmes
2 master degree programmes
about 160 postgraduate students
108 MSek/year in faculty grants for research
186 MSek/year in externally financed research
about 550 publications in international journals/year

(figures 2017)

* Doctoral students are counted as students and not as staff here, although almost all of them are employed at the University