Docentföreläsning Ocean Cheung

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  • Plats: Ångströmlaboratoriet 4001
  • Föreläsare: Ocean Cheung, PhD
  • Kontaktperson: Ocean Cheung
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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering hereby invite all interested to a docentship lecture in subject of Nanotechnology and Functional Materials.

itle: Nanoporous materials for greenhouse gas separation

Lecturer: Ocean Cheung, PhD

Date: 8th May 2020, 10:00

Location: 4001 Ångströmlaboratoriet, Polacksbacken

Chairperson: Professor Maria Strömme

Representative of the Docentship Committee: Professor Tomas Edvinsson

Abstract: The emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2, CH4 and SF6 are considered to be related to climate change. Due to the potential societal impact of climate change, is it important to develop methods to control the levels of greenhouse gas emissions due to human activities. A number of technical solutions have been considered for capture greenhouse gases from their emission sources. Adsorption based technologies are currently under development for CO2 capture and good adsorbents are needed to ensure a high process efficiency. Nanoporous materials are amongst the most commonly studied adsorbents and show promising CO2 adsorption properties, particularly at low temperatures.

In this lecture, we will discuss the chemical, structural and physical properties of nanoporous materials and how they can be used as adsorbents for CO2 capture. This lecture will give an overview of the current research work on nanoporous adsorbent development. Different types of nanoporous materials (e.g. zeolites, mesoporous silica and metal organic frameworks) and their CO2 adsorption properties will be discussed.

The lecture is an obligatory teaching test for those applying for admittance as docent and it should be possible for students and others with basic academic education in the relevant field to follow it. The lecture will last for 45 minutes and afterwards the audience may ask questions. The lecture will be given in English.