About us

Welcome to the division for Nanotechnology and Functional Materials. We are a part of the Department for Engineering sciences and situated at the Ångström Laboratory. The division was established in 2004 and is headed by Prof. Maria Strömme

You are most welcome to pay us a visit at the Ångström Laboratory, house 3, floor 1.

Contact information

Visiting address:
Ångströmlaboratoriet. House 3, floor 1.
Lägerhyddsvägen 1

Postal address:
Box 534
751 21 UPPSALA

Delivery address:
Uppsala Universitet
Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper
Nanoteknologi och Funktionella Material
Regementsvägen 1
752 37 UPPSALA

Phone number: 
+46 (0)18-471 3148 
+46 (0)18-471 7231