Undergraduate courses

Code Course Credits Contact
1TG312 Renewable Energy Technology       5hp Marika Edoff
1TE028 Solar Energy - Technology and System     10hp Charlotte Platzer-Björkman
1TE624 Electronics I       5hp Jörgen Olsson
1TE720 Electric Measuring Techniques       5hp Uwe Zimmermann
1TE725 Analogue Electronics       5hp Jörgen Olsson
1TE653 Microwave Systems     10hp Anders Rydberg
1TE694 Antenna Engineering       5hp
1TE042 Integrated Circuit Design       5hp Jörgen Olsson 
1TE039 Semiconductor Electronics       5hp Zhen Zhang
1TE041 Semiconductor process technology       5hp
1TE663 Microcontroller Programming     10hp Uwe Zimmermann
1TE723 Microcontroller Programming       5hp Uwe Zimmermann
1TE678 Solar Energy Technologies for Electricity Production       5hp Charlotte Platzer-Björkman
1TE680 Wireless Interfaces for Internet of Things       5hp
1TE658 Wireless Sensor Networks       5hp Anders Rydberg
1TE016 Thin Film Technology I       5hp Tobias Törndahl
1TE741 Thin Film Technology II       5hp Tomas Kubart
1TE679 Advanced Course on Topics in Electrical Engineering       5hp
1TE724 Advanced Solar Cell Design       5hp Charlotte Platzer-Björkman