Publications at the Division of Solid State Physics

  • Karpiak, Bogdan; Cummings, Aron W.; Zollner, Klaus; Vila, Marc et al.

    Magnetic proximity in a van der Waals heterostructure of magnetic insulator and graphene

    Part of 2D MATERIALS, 2020.

    Open access
  • Pogoryelov, Yevgen; Pereiro, Manuel; Jana, Somnath; Kumar, Ankit et al.

    Nonreciprocal spin pumping damping in asymmetric magnetic trilayers

    Part of Physical Review B, 2020.

    Open access
  • Warnatz, Tobias; Skovdal, Björn Erik; Magnus, Fridrik; Stopfel, Henry et al.

    The influence of diameter on the magnetic saturation in Fe 84 Cu 16 /MgO [001] multilayered islands

    Part of Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2020.

  • Granqvist, Claes Göran; Arvizu, Miguel A; Qu, Hui-Ying; Wen, Rui-Tao et al.

    Advances in electrochromic device technology: Multiple roads towards superior durability

    Part of Surface & Coatings Technology, p. 619-625, 2019.

  • Wang, JunXin

    Angle dependent light scattering of functional nanoparticle composites

    Open access
  • Jhajhria, Deepika; Behera, Nilamani; Pandya, Dinesh K.; Chaudhary, Sujeet

    Dependence of spin pumping in W/CoFeB heterostructures on the structural phase of tungsten

    Part of Physical Review B, 2019.

  • Husain, Sajid; Sisodia, Naveen; Chaurasiya, Avinash Kumar; Kumar, Ankit et al.

    Observation of Skyrmions at Room Temperature in Co2FeAl Heusler Alloy Ultrathin Film Heterostructures

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2019.

    Open access
  • Munkhammar, Joakim; Widén, Joakim

    A spatiotemporal Markov-chain mixture distribution model of the clear-sky index

    Part of Solar Energy, p. 398-409, 2019.

  • Bovornratanaraks, Thiti; Tsuppayakorn-aek, Prutthipong; Luo, Wei; Ahuja, Rajeev

    Ground-state structure of semiconducting and superconducting phases in xenon carbides at high pressure

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2019.

    Open access
  • Liao, Xiaoqi; Wang, Yu; Wetterskog, Erik; Cheng, Fei et al.

    Superposition of conventional and spontaneous exchange bias in a Ni50Mn34In13Fe3 magnetic shape memory alloy

    Part of Journal of Alloys and Compounds, p. 988-993, 2019.

  • Fang, Hailiang; Li, Jiheng; Shafeie, Samrand; Hedlund, Daniel et al.

    Insights into phase transitions and magnetism of MnBi crystals synthesized from self-flux

    Part of Journal of Alloys and Compounds, p. 308-314, 2019.

  • Ginley, David; Granqvist, Claes Göran; Hosono, Hideo; Kamiya, Toshio et al.

    Transparent Oxides and Related Materials for Electronics and Optics

    Part of Physica Status Solidi (a) applications and materials science, 2019.

    Open access
  • Bastholm, Caroline

    Micro-grids supplied by renewable energy: Improving technical and social feasibility

    Open access
  • Pacheco-Torgal, F; Diamanti, M V; Nazari, A; Granqvist, Claes Göran et al.

    Nanotechnology in Eco-Efficient Construction:: materials, processes and applications

    Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2019.

  • Kontos, Sofia; Fang, Hailiang; Li, Jiheng; Delczeg-Czirjak, Erna Krisztina et al.

    Measured and calculated properties of B-doped τ-phase MnAl: A rare earth free permanent magnet

    Part of Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, p. 591 591-598 598, 2019.

  • Arvizu, Miguel A; Qu, Hui-Ying; Cindemir, Umut; Qiu, Zhen et al.

    Electrochromic WO3 thin films attain unprecedented durability by potentiostatic pretreatment

    Part of Journal of Materials Chemistry A, p. 2908-2918, 2019.

    Open access
  • Jana, Somnath; Panda, S. K.; Phuyal, Dibya; Pal, B. et al.

    Charge disproportionate antiferromagnetism at the verge of the insulator-metal transition in doped LaFeO3

    Part of Physical Review B, 2019.

  • Langhammer, David

    Adsorption and reactions of sulfur dioxide on TiO2 surfaces: Fundamental studies on single crystals and nanoparticles

  • Qiu, Zhen; Tai, Cheuk-Wai; Niklasson, Gunnar; Edvinsson, Tomas

    Direct observation of active catalyst surface phases and the effect of dynamic self-optimization in NiFe-layered double hydroxides for alkaline water splitting

    Part of Energy & Environmental Science, p. 572-581, 2019.

    Open access
  • Han, Yuanyuan; Qiu, Zhen; Nawale, Ganesh N.; Varghese, Oommen P. et al.

    MicroRNA detection based on duplex-specific nuclease-assisted target recycling and gold nanoparticle/graphene oxide nanocomposite-mediated electrocatalytic amplification

    Part of Biosensors & bioelectronics, p. 188-193, 2019.

  • Pramanik, P.; Joshi, D. C.; Tiwari, N.; Sarkar, Tapati et al.

    Cationic distribution, exchange interactions, and relaxation dynamics in Zn-diluted MnCo2O4 nanostructures

    Part of Journal of Applied Physics, 2019.

  • Vargas, W. E.; Clark, N.; Munoz-Rojas, F.; Azofeifa, D. E. et al.

    Optical, charge transport and magnetic properties of palladium retrieved from photometric measurements: approaching the quantum mechanics background

    Part of Physica Scripta, 2019.

  • Luthander, Rasmus; Shepero, Mahmoud; Munkhammar, Joakim; Widén, Joakim

    Photovoltaics and opportunistic electric vehicle charging in the power system: a case study on a Swedish distribution grid

    Part of IET Renewable Power Generation, p. 710-716, 2019.

    Open access
  • Coll, M.; Fontcuberta, J.; Althammer, M.; Bibes, M. et al.

    Towards Oxide Electronics: a Roadmap

    Part of Applied Surface Science, p. 1-93, 2019.

    Open access
  • Shafeie, Samrand; Fang, Hailiang; Hedlund, Daniel; Nyberg, Axel et al.

    One step towards MnAl-based permanent magnets: Differences in magnetic, and microstructural properties from an intermediate annealing step during synthesis

    Part of Journal of Solid State Chemistry, p. 229-236, 2019.

  • Cedervall, Johan; Andersson, Mikael Svante; Iusan, Diana; Delczeg-Czirjak, Erna Krisztina et al.

    Magnetic and mechanical effects of Mn substitutions in AlFe2B2

    Part of Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, p. 54-60, 2019.

  • Gueymard, Christian A.; Bright, Jamie M.; Lingfors, David; Habte, Aron et al.

    A posteriori clear-sky identification methods in solar irradiance time series: Review and preliminary validation using sky imagers

    Part of Renewable & sustainable energy reviews, p. 412-427, 2019.

  • Edvinsson, Tomas

    A concentrated effort

    Part of NATURE ENERGY, p. 354 354-355 355, 2019.

  • Qiu, Zhen

    Transition Metal-Based Electrocatalysts for Alkaline Water Splitting and CO2 Reduction

    Open access
  • Ciuciulkaite, Agne; Östman, Erik; Brucas, Rimantas; Kumar, Ankit et al.

    Collective magnetization dynamics in nanoarrays of thin FePd disks

    Part of Physical Review B, 2019.

  • Akansel, Serkan; Kumar, Ankit; Venugopal, Vijayaharan A.; Esteban-Puyuelo, Raquel et al.

    Enhanced Gilbert damping in Re-doped FeCo films: Combined experimental and theoretical study

    Part of Physical Review B, 2019.

  • Hulsart Billström, Gry; Janson, Oscar; Engqvist, Håkan; Welch, Ken et al.

    Thromboinflammation as bioactivity assessment of H2O2-alkali modified titanium surfaces

    Part of Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine, 2019.

    Open access
  • Cedervall, Johan; Andersson, Martin; Delczeg-Czirjak, Erna Krisztina; Iusan, Diana et al.

    Magnetocaloric effect in Fe2P: Magnetic and phonon degrees of freedom

    Part of Physical Review B, 2019.

  • Edström, Kristina; Pan, Ruijun; Wang, Zhaouhui; Nyholm, Leif et al.

    Separators As a Tool for Enhanced Battery Performance

    Part of International Battery Association 2019, 2019.

  • Wang, Zhaouhui; Tammela, Petter; Pan, Ruijun; Strömme, Maria et al.

    Flexible Nanocellulose based Energy Storage Devices

    Part of MRS Spring Meeting 2019, 2019.

  • Chatzigeorgiou, E; Århammar, Cecilia; Gråsjö, Johan; Strömme, Maria et al.

    Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering on Mesoporous Magnesium Carbonate

    Part of The 40th International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet and X-ray Physics, 2019.

  • Wang, JunXin; Xu, Changgang; Nilsson, Annica M.; Fernandes, Daniel L. A. et al.

    A novel phase function describing light scattering of layers containing colloidal nanospheres

    Part of Nanoscale, p. 7404-7413, 2019.

  • Husain, Sajid; Barwal, Vineet; Kumar, Ankit; Gupta, Rahul et al.

    Multi-jump magnetization switching in Co2FeAl full Heusler alloy thin films: Experiments and simulations

    Part of Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2019.

  • Karmaker, Palash Chandra; Rahman, Mohammad Obaidur; Dan, Nguyen Huy; Liba, Samia Islam et al.

    Characterization of Nd(Tb)-Fe-B-based exchange-spring nanocomposite magnets

    Part of Emerging Materials Research, p. 153-165, 2019.

  • Fernandes, P. A.; Shongalova, A.; da Cunha, A. F.; Teixeira, J. P. et al.

    Phase selective growth of Cu12Sb4S13 and Cu3SbS4 thin films by chalcogenization of simultaneous sputtered metal precursors

    Part of Journal of Alloys and Compounds, p. 1359-1366, 2019.

  • Pazoki, Meysam; Edvinsson, Tomas

    Nature of the excited state in lead iodide perovskite materials: Time-dependent charge density response and the role of the monovalent cation

    Part of Physical Review B, 2019.

  • Etman, Ahmed S.; Pell, Andrew J.; Svedlindh, Peter; Hedin, Niklas et al.

    Insights into the Exfoliation Process of V2O5 center dot nH(2)O Nanosheet Formation Using Real-Time V-51 NMR

    Part of ACS OMEGA, p. 10899 10899-10905 10905, 2019.

  • Pal, Somnath; Jana, Somnath; Govinda, Sharada; Pal, Banabir et al.

    Peculiar magnetic states in the double perovskite Nd2NiMnO6

    Part of Physical Review B, 2019.

  • Ivanov, Sergey; Beran, Premysl; Bush, Alexandr A.; Sarkar, Tapati et al.

    Cation ordering, ferrimagnetism and ferroelectric relaxor behavior in Pb(Fe1-xScx)(2/3)W1/3O3 solid solutions

    Part of European Physical Journal B, 2019.

    Open access
  • Diouani, Mohamed Fethi; Ouerghi, Oussama; Belgacem, Kamel; Sayhi, Maher et al.

    Casein-Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for Amperometric Detection of Leishmania infantum

    Part of Biosensors, 2019.

    Open access
  • Kaushalya, []; Husain, Sajid; Barwal, Vineet; Gupta, Nanhe Kumar et al.

    Tunable magnetic anisotropy in obliquely sputtered Co60Fe40 thin films on Si(100)

    Part of Physica. B, Condensed matter, p. 1-5, 2019.

  • Jain, Sagar M.; Edvinsson, Tomas; Durrant, James R.

    Green fabrication of stable lead-free bismuth based perovskite solar cells using a non-toxic solvent


    Open access
  • Chafai, A.; Essaoudi, I.; Ainane, A.; Ahuja, Rajeev

    Linear and nonlinear optical properties of donors inside a CdSe/ZnTe core/shell nanodot: Role of size modulation

    Part of RESULTS IN PHYSICS, 2019.

    Open access
  • Gugole, Marika; Olsson, Oliver; Montero, José Amenedo; Xiong, Kunli et al.

    Optimizing electrochromism for plasmonic electronic paper: Inorganic vs organic

    p. 2pp- 2019.

  • Atak, Gamze; Bayrak Pehlivan, Ilknur; Montero, José Amenedo; Primetzhofer, Daniel et al.

    Nitrogen doped W oxide films for electrochromic applications.


  • Rojas Gonzalez, Edgar; Niklasson, Gunnar A.

    Simultaneous electrochemical and color impedance measurements of electrochromic systems in transmittance mode: Background noise determination and test measurement on WO3.


  • Sorar, Idris; Bayrak Pehlivan, Ilknur; Rojas Gonzalez, Edgar; Granqvist, Claes-Göran et al.

    Potentiostatic Rejuvenation of Electrochromic W,Ti Oxide Thin films.


  • Wang, JunXin; Nilsson, Annica M; Barrios, David; Vargas, William E. et al.

    Light scattering materials for energy-related application: Determination of absorption and scattering coefficients.


  • Qiu, Zhen; Niklasson, Gunnar A.; Edvinsson, Tomas

    Investigating the influence of iron on nickel oxide nanosheets for enhancedoverall water splitting through in-situ Raman and impedance spectroscopy.


  • Bayrak Pehlivan, Ilknur; Atak, Gamze; Stolt, Olof; Granqvist, Claes-Göran et al.

    Bifunctional solar electrocatalytic water splitting using CIGS solar modules and WO3-based electrolyzers.


  • Atak, Gamze; Montero, José Amenedo; Bayrak Pehlivan, Ilknur; Granqvist, Claes-Göran et al.

    Electrochromic performance of WO3 films with different ITO layers.


  • Türkmen, Dervis; Dettenrieder, Carina; Forsberg, Pontus; Mattsson, Andreas et al.

    Corrosion detection by infrared attenuated total reflection spectroscopy via diamond-like carbon coated silicon wafers and iron-sensitive dyes

    Part of Sensors, 2019.

    Open access
  • Chatzigeorgiou, Evanthia; Århammar, Cecilia; Gråsjö, Johan; Ekholm, Victor et al.

    Soft X-ray Spectroscopy on  amorphous and crystalline magnesium carbonate

    Part of EUROMAT 2019, 2019.

  • Engfeldt, Johnny D.; Gregard, Greger; Niklasson, Gunnar A.; Roos, Arne et al.

    Glazing for Energy Efficient Buildings: The Almost Forgotten Role of Angular-Dependent Solar Transmittance

    Part of Society of Vacuum Coaters 2019 Technical Conference Proceedings., 2019.

  • Cedervall, Johan; Ivanov, Sergey A.; Lewin, Erik; Beran, Premysl et al.

    On the structural and magnetic properties of the double perovskite Nd2NiMnO6

    Part of Journal of materials science. Materials in electronics, p. 16571-16578, 2019.

    Open access
  • Sayed, Fatima; Muscas, Giuseppe; Jovanovic, S.; Barucca, G. et al.

    Controlling magnetic coupling in bi-magnetic nanocomposites

    Part of Nanoscale, p. 14256-14265, 2019.

    Open access
  • Österlund, Lars; Mattsson, Andreas; Ji, Yu -Xia; Niklasson, Gunnar A. et al.

    Spectrally selective nanocoatings with synergistically enhanced photocatalytic and solar light modulation properties


    Open access
  • Luthander, Rasmus; Nilsson, Annica M.; Widén, Joakim; Åberg, Magnus

    Graphical analysis of photovoltaic generation and load matching in buildings: A novel way of studying self-consumption and self-sufficiency

    Part of Applied Energy, p. 748-759, 2019.

  • Skini, Ridha; Svedlindh, Peter; Dhahri, E.; Hlil, E. K.

    Transport and magneto-transport properties in La0.8K0.2-xxMnO3-delta (x =0 and 0.1) manganites

    Part of Journal of materials science. Materials in electronics, p. 17363-17373, 2019.

    Open access
  • Almqvist, Bjarne; Björk, Andreas; Mattsson, Hannes B.; Hedlund, Daniel et al.

    Magnetic characterisation of magnetite and hematite from the Blötberget apatite-iron-oxide deposits (Bergslagen), south-central Sweden

    Part of Canadian journal of earth sciences (Print), p. 948-957, 2019.

  • Volotinen, Tarja T.; Parker, John M.; Hollis, David B.; Niklasson, Gunnar

    Reflection loss correction method for accurate absorbance spectrum analysis of coloured glasses

    Part of Physics and Chemistry of Glasses, p. 157-169, 2019.

  • Langhammer, David; Thyr, Jakob; Österlund, Lars

    Surface Properties of Reduced and Stoichiometric TiO2 As Probed by SO2 Adsorption

    Part of The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, p. 24549-24557, 2019.

  • Thyr, Jakob; Österlund, Lars; Edvinsson, Tomas

    Photocatalytic properties and polarized Raman of different ZnO crystal planes


  • Wang, Huan; Emanuelsson, Rikard; Strömme, Maria; Sjödin, Martin

    Side chain quinone redox reaction effects on conductivity of quinone-PEDOT based conducting redox polymer.


  • Sorar, Idris; Rojas González, Edgar Alonso; Bayrak Pehlivan, Ilknur; Granqvist, Claes Göran et al.

    Electrochromism of W–Ti Oxide Thin Films: Cycling Durability,Potentiostatic Rejuvenation, and Modelling of Electrochemical Degradation

    Part of Journal of the Electrochemical Society, p. H795-H801, 2019.

  • Liu, Lei; Huang, Shuo; Vitos, Levente; Dong, Minjie et al.

    Pressure-induced magnetovolume effect in CoCrFeAl high-entropy alloy

    Part of Communications Physics, 2019.

    Open access
  • Liu, Lei; Song, Hong X.; Li, Xiaodong; Zhang, Dongzhou et al.

    Pressure-induced polymorphism and piezochromism in Mn2FeSbO6

    Part of Applied Physics Letters, 2019.

  • Liu, Lei; Ivanov, Sergey; Mathieu, Roland; Weil, Matthias et al.

    Pressure tuning of octahedral tilt in the ordered double perovskite Pb2CoTeO6

    Part of Journal of Alloys and Compounds, p. 310-317, 2019.

  • Joshi, Deep C.; Ivanov, Sergey A.; Bush, A. A.; Sarkar, Tapati et al.

    Room temperature ferrimagnetism in Yb-doped relaxor ferroelectric PbFe2/3W1/3O3

    Part of Applied Physics Letters, 2019.

    Open access
  • Johansson, Wilhelm; Peralta, Albert; Bo, Jonsson; Anand, Srinivasan et al.

    Transparent TiO2 and ZnO Thin Films on Glass for UV Protection of PV Modules

    Part of Frontiers in Materials, 2019.

    Open access
  • Qiu, Zhen; Edvinsson, Tomas

    Direct observation of active catalyst redox states and the effect of dynamically increased crystallinity on efficient alkaline water splitting


  • Qu, Hui-Ying; Rojas-González, Edgar Alonso; Granqvist, Claes Göran; Niklasson, Gunnar A.

    Potentiostatically pretreated electrochromic tungsten oxide films with enhanced durability: Electrochemical processes at interfaces of indium–tin oxide

    Part of Thin Solid Films, p. 163-168, 2019.

  • Ferraz, Natalia; Basu, Alex; Hong, Jaan; Celma, Gunta et al.

    On the development of ion-crosslinked nanocellulose hydrogels for advanced wound care applications

    Part of 6th International Polysaccharadide Conference EPNOE 2019, 2019.

  • Basu, Alex; Hong, Jaan; Ferraz, Natalia

    Ion-crosslinked nanocelluose hydrogels as potential hemostatic wound dressings

    Part of Euromat 2019, 2019.

  • Werr, Gabriel; Khaji, Zahra; Ohlin, Mathias; Andersson, Martin et al.

    Integrated thin film resistive sensors for in situ temperature measurements in an acoustic trap

    Part of Acoustofluidics 2019, p. 140-141, 2019.

    Open access
  • Granqvist, C.-G.; Arvizu, M.A.; Qu, H.-Y.; Wen, R.-T. et al.

    Advances in Electrochromic Device Technology: Multiple Roads towards Superior Durability

    p. 1-9 2019.

  • Atak, G.; Bayrak Pehlivan, I.; Montero Amenedo, J.; Primetzhofer, D. et al.

    Nitrogen Doped W Oxide Films for Electrochromic Applications

    p. 1-1 2019.

  • Atak, G.; Montero Amenedo, J.; Bayrak Pehlivan, I.; Granqvist, C.-G. et al.

    Electrochromic Performance of WO3 Films with Different ITO Layers

    p. 1-1 2019.

  • Bayrak Pehlivan, I.; Atak, G.; Stolt, O.; Granqvist, C.-G. et al.

    Bifunctional Solar Electrocatalytic Water Splitting using CIGS Solar Modules and WO3-Based Electrolyzers

    p. 1-1 2019.

  • Engfeldt, J.D.; Gregard, G.; Niklasson, Gunnar; Roos, A. et al.

    Glazing for Energy Efficient Buildings: The Almost Forgotten Role of Angular-Dependent Solar Transmittance

    p. 1-6 2019.

  • Sittinger, V.; Bosch, R.; Granqvist, C.-G.; Sanchez, D. et al.

    Coatings for Energy Conversion and Related Processes

    p. 1-11 2019.

  • Granqvist, C.-G.

    The Fifth Skin: Large-Scale Chromogenic Technologies for Novel Membrane Architecture

    p. 2pS01- 2019.

  • Sorar, I.; Bayrak Pehlivan, I; Rojas-González, E.A.; Granqvist, C.-G. et al.

    Potentiostatic Rejuvenation of Electrochromic W–Ti Oxide Thin Films

    p. 1-1 2019.

  • Österlund, Lars; Mattsson, Andreas; Ji, Y.- X.; Niklasson, Gunnar et al.

    Spectrally Selective Nanocoatings with Synergistically Enhanced Photocatalysis and Solar Light Modulation Properties

    p. 1-1 2019.

  • Henycha, Jiri; Stehlik, Stepan; Mazanec, Karel; Tolasz, Jakub et al.

    Reactive adsorption and photodegradation of soman and dimethyl methylphosphonate on TiO2/nanodiamond composites

    Part of Applied Catalysis B, 2019.

  • Barrios, David; Alvarez, Carlos; Miguitama, Jose; Gallego, Daniel et al.

    Inversion of two-flux and four-flux radiative transfer models for determining scattering and absorption coefficients for a suspended particle device

    Part of Applied Optics, p. 8871-8881, 2019.

  • Bayrak Pehlivan, Ilknur; Arvizu, Miguel A.; Qiu, Zhen; Niklasson, Gunnar A. et al.

    Impedance Spectroscopy Modeling of Nickel–Molybdenum Alloys on Porous and Flat Substrates for Applications in Water Splitting

    Part of The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, p. 23890-23897, 2019.

  • Ek, Gustav; Nedumkandathil, Reji; Johansson, Robert; Montero, Jorge et al.

    Hydrogen induced structure and property changes in Eu3Si4

    Part of Journal of Solid State Chemistry, p. 37-45, 2019.

  • Singh, D.; Gupta, Sanjeev K.; Lukacevic, Igor; Muzevic, Matko et al.

    Effect of electric field on optoelectronic properties of indiene monolayer for photoelectric nanodevices

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2019.

    Open access
  • Leijon, Jennifer; Anttila, Sara; Frost, Anna E.; Kontos, Sofia et al.

    Marine Renewable Energy Sources for Desalination, Generating Freshwater and Lithium


  • Wu, Hua; Zhu, Huimin; Erbing, Axel; Johansson, Malin B et al.

    Bandgap Tuning of Silver Bismuth Iodide via Controllable Bromide Substitution for Improved Photovoltaic Performance

    Part of ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS, p. 5356 5356-5362 5362, 2019.

  • Michaels, Hannes; Benesperi, Iacopo; Edvinsson, Tomas; Munoz-Garcia, Ana Belen et al.

    Correction: Michaels, H.; et al. Copper Complexes with Tetradentate Ligands for Enhanced Charge Transport in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. Inorganics 2018, 6, 53

    Part of Inorganics, 2019.

    Open access
  • Liu, Lei; Skogby, Henrik; Ivanov, Sergey; Weil, Matthias et al.

    Bandgap engineering in Mn3TeO6: giant irreversible bandgap reduction triggered by pressure

    Part of Chemical Communications, p. 12000-12003, 2019.

    Open access
  • Jana, Somnath; Aich, Payel; Anil Kumar, Puri; Forslund, O. K. et al.

    Revisiting Goodenough-Kanamori rules in a new series of double perovskites LaSr1-xCaxNiReO6

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2019.

    Open access
  • Gu, Xiuquan; Edvinsson, Tomas; Zhu, Jiefang

    ZnO nanomaterials: Strategies for improvement of photocatalyticand photoelectrochemical activities

    Part of Current Developments in Photocatalysis and Photocatalytic Materials, p. 231-244, 2019.